Truck Freight Broker

Trucking Freight Brokering Service

What exactly is a freight broker?  It is basically a company that connects together a shipper that needs to move their goods with an carrier that wants to pick up and deliver it to its destination.

So then a broker is basically a transportation coordinator for the movement of your shipments.

FTC has the industry experience, the technology and people resources to coordinate all sides of the transporting of your goods.  The alliances and connections that have been built up during the years will ensure a better value then you are currently receiving.

FTC understands that whether you need to move 100 lbs or 10,000 lbs, whether its right here locally in the greater Atlanta area or all the way across the country, we have the right solution to accommodate your needs.

FTC has access to any size vehicle it needs to move your freight. Our freight brokerage division has the latest technology to track your shipments while in transit as well as electronic notification when picked up and delivered. Isn’t it comforting to know that any deliveries during normal business hours or evening hours will be completed quickly?

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