Small Parcel

Small Parcel Audit Services in Atlanta

Whether you use Fedex or U.P.S they provide a guarantee that the parcel will be delivered on time…or your money is refunded. Honestly though, who has time to check? Did you know that you can simplify your supply chain and save by using FTC as a single-source transportation and logistics provider to manage all of your freight, including small parcel shipments?

Right away you will see the benefits of using our proprietary software and service, as you see your small parcel invoices audited and checked against delivery times. Think of how nice it will be knowing you have credits coming to you at the end of the day! This is one service that really pays for itself.

No matter if it is Fed-Ex Or UPS you can depend on our motivated and customer-driven staff for the auditing of all of your invoices that come from your small parcel audit of your freight.

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FTC is an Atlanta Georgia logistics company that provides small parcel auditing through out the USA.