Shipping To Canada

Shipping from the US to Canada?

Or are you shipping from Canada?

Did you know that there are unique  procedures when planning cross-border shipments to Canada? If you plan on shipping there, you will need a little help from someone who knows how it is done correctly. Failure to do so will cost you time and money.

For example it is absolutely essential that all the necessary documents are properly completed to ensure your freight clears customs in a timely manner. Inaccurate or missing information can result in unfortunate delays. In the case of special commodities, additional Canada Customs forms may also be required.

Key documents neede when shipping freight to Canada

  • Canada Customs Invoice or a Commercial Invoice;
  • Certificate of Origin;
  • Bill of Lading
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin is required for all shipments that qualify under the NAFTA Rules of Origin

Benefits of working with TSG on your shipments to Canada

  • Efficient Customs Clearance
  • Unique Per Pallet Pricing
  • Quicker Transit Times
  • Fewer Claims
  • Direct Door To Door Service
  • No Transfers/No Break Bulk
  • Superior Tracking

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FTC is an Atlanta Georgia ( Ga ) logistics service that coordinates shipping to Canada for businesses all over the USA