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LTL Freight Services: What Are They?

In contrast to a full truckload, LTL is any freight which weighs less then 5,000 pounds and takes up less then 12 feet of the truck. This is considered a less then truckload shipment. This trucking service requires much coordination as carriers are lined up from point “A” to point “B” to ship your freight.

What is involved with Coordinating LTL freight?

Our network of nation wide motor carriers are examined to see who has the extra room on a truck to fit your smaller shipments.

Our online systems display complete supply chain visibility. The Who, What, Where, When and Why of ltl services. You as the shipper, can obtain instant rate quotes. You can then place orders, create bills of lading, receive automatic notification of schedule difficulties. You can also track and trace your freight. Customized reports will detail your less-then-truck-load shipping.

We will send you out weekly a consolidated and audited bill.

What is the benefit to you?

Instead of receiving dozens and dozens of individual freight bills from multiple carriers, you receive one invoice showing what you need to pay versus what your old rates were. It also highlights the saving that TSG has retained for you thru our negotiating power.

We have all of the reputable LTL Carriers at our disposal including R&L, Old Dominion, Estes, Conway just to name a few.

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FTC is an Atlanta Georgia ( Ga ) logistics company that offers LTL trucking services through out the USA