AMR Research’s Supply Chain Top 25

What do Apple, Dell, Procter & Gamble, IBM and Cisco have in common? They have been recognized as the top 5 companies within this year’s edition of AMR Research’s Supply Chain Top 25 report.

Why is it so imperative to be concerned about coordinating supply chain management with marketing and engineering departments?

This recession is requiring real time communication between departments to avoid being stuck with excess inventory that no one is willing to buy. Corporations that incorporate good supply chain management practices will not only make it through this recession, but they will be poised to pick up the lion share of business when the recession finally passes.

Here is a quote from the article ” Leading the Logistics Pack” in todays Journal Of Commerce. How many lessons can you glean for your business:

“That doesn’t mean supply chain leaders have escaped the brunt of the global recession. “These companies are not perfect, they too are struggling,” Hofman said.

But the companies AMR cited have responded quickly to changes in demand, and restructured their supply chains. For example, Procter & Gamble, No. 3 on this year’s list, recently reported disappointing earnings. However, P&G has been able “to respond more quickly to a profound shift in consumer demand than if the pieces in the puzzle were separate.” P&G has refocused its product line along lower “price points” designed to improve sales and profits.
Along the same lines, Dell has made a major change in its business model, moving away from direct sales of its computers to retail distribution channels. Nevertheless, “Dell’s inventory turns still can’t be beat” because its supply chain managers collaborate so closely with its engineering and marketing departments.”

You can read the entire article here:

Businesses in this environment can not afford to exist without a supply chain management team.

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