Transportation Management Center

The FTC Transportation Management Center is located in Lawrenceville Georgia.

FTC’s model is simple. We reclassify & renegotiate your freight. You then simply pay us a fixed percentage of the savings difference between your old rates and your new rates. Ther are no kick backs between us and the carriers. There are also no secrets or suprise extra costs that other 3pl’s often generate. Simply put, we will never nickle and dime you. This transparent model ensures FTC only generates revenue only when you save money.

Our Transportation Management Center is fully equipped to handle transportation planning, track-trace, exception management, and freight payment. What this basically means is that our services allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of having a great carrier relationship, while we have our people, processes and technologies to do the day to day work.

How This Works

Our management team works with the following 4 step system.

  • Consulting and planning
  • Plan Execution
  • Measuring of results
  • Constant and continuous Improvement

This 4 step approach to account management is a never ending loop as we continually reevaluate your business every few months to see what is happening and how can we continue to improve on it.

What If I still want to be in control of my shipping?

We understand that the one size fits all mentality does not work for all of our logistics clients. That’s why our program can be be customized to satisfy your unique business requirements.  For example you may want to keep control of the day to day processes, the scheduling of pickups and deliveries, the review of the invoices  etc.  We will work with you. Whatever it takes we will customize our services so that you can be as “in control” as you need to be. We will then work behind the scenes to ensure that we achieve the results you are expecting.

What Makes FTC Different?

It comes down to this, FTC was formed back in 1998 by 3 sales people in the shipping industry that worked for some of the biggest LTL carriers in the business. A sales persons job is to keep their clients happy. The founders realized that to build a successful third party logistics business it would take surveying their existing clients and finding out what was important to them. What would they look for in a 3pl. And what it would take to gain their business. FTC’s business model has been built on the detailed advice that was taken from their customers. That business model still is being used today.

Remember, you the client need to feel you are receiving true value from a service to continue to want to work with us. That is why we continue to look for ways to improve and find additional value added services.

Why not give us a try? Take advantage of our 100% risk free transportation analysis. Put our transportation management center to work for free to see what we can do for you.