Soft Dollar Savings

Soft Dollar Savings Generated

Logistics services often provide soft dollar savings that are often taken for granted.

Allow me to explain:

1- A third party logistics provider becomes a virtual extension of your transportation department. This can occur in several ways depending on how you choose to work with FTC.

a- We can support your existing Transportation team. We are available by phone, fax and email to help in any way that you need help. The best part is that we are not on your payroll.

b- In economic down turns like this many businesses have to make drastic cut backs. Unfortunately, layoffs often follow. FTC can fill in the gap as we manage your freight as if it were our own.

c- Perhaps your business is not big enough to afford a full time transportation manager. FTC will remotely manage your shipping and transportation. Remember, there is no additional charge for this value added service. We are only compensated for the hard dollar savings we provide.

2- Handling claims. Instead of your employees relentlessly following up on unresolved claims, often spending hours on the phone and email, FTC will handle it all for you.

3- One phone call to FTC to set up for pick ups and deliveries.

4- FTC will open all invoices. This may not sound like a lot to you. A recent survey found that the average small business owner was spending $ 15.00 – $17.00 for every invoice their employees opened, checked, entered and then filed. How many transportation invoices are you receiving each week? What more important tasks could you have your people doing instead?

5- FTC will check all invoices for accuracy. We will handle all incorrect pricing for you.

6- FTC will send reports to you daily or weekly showing a summary of all your shipping activity and savings generated.

But that is only the beginning notice what other value added services FTC provides.

As you look at these ideas presented here and you had to put a pencil to this, what kind of soft dollar savings would it mean to your business?