Reduce Freight Costs

Cutting Freight Costs Without Sacrificing Quality Or Service

First things first.

FTC does not promise CHEAP freight. We all know that there is definitely a cost associated with shopping for the CHEAPEST price. Sure you may save a few dollars on the front end, but what good is that if you lose a customer because of shipment delays, mismanaged or mishandled freight. All of a sudden any “savings” goes out the window.

That is why we refuse to even work with the CHEAP carriers out there.

Instead we choose to work with only the solid core of value oriented carriers that will not sacrifice performance, service or quality in order to save a few bucks.

How Does FTC Reduce Freight Costs?

Step 1: A comprehensive freight analysis of the last 6 months is made for your company.

Step 2: Based on historical data and pricing we can then show you were there is potential savings.

Step 3: If you like what you see, we then sit down to discuss what core group of carriers you would like to bid on your freight. We will make recommendations based on our transportation experience, your freight and lanes.

Step 4: FTC will put your freight out to bid. We will then negotiate with the carriers to secure the most favorable rates and services. Your personnel will not waste valuable time talking to carriers or negotiating rates. Leave that to us.

FTC will prepare professional requests for proposal on your behalf. When a bid package is accurate and complete, carriers can accurately access your freight and present their best proposal to us.

Sep 5:  Once all of the bids are in then you then make the choice on which carriers to work with. FTC will never strong arm you into working with a particular carrier. It’s your freight…so it’s your decision.

Step 6: Role out of the plan. TSG will help manage this so that the transition goes smoothly

Step 7: FTC offers timely electronic reporting will let you react to adverse situations before they become expensive issues

Step 8: FTC will keep you informed of your logistics costs and monhly savings through freight database management, logistics analysis and reporting.

How much will this cost me?

That is the best part. FTC is paid only on savings generated on their part. It is truly a win-win situation.

Learn more about  how we insist on maintaining quality service while reducing costs.

FTCis an Atlanta Ga ( Georgia ) based Logistics firm that helps businesses reduce their freight costs.