Maintain Quality Service

Will Service Quality Suffer When Changing Carriers?
Good question.

Our partnership business model is built on two things:

1- We are compensated only on a performance basis. In other words, it doesn’t cost you a dime unless you receive value and savings for that month.

2- Repeat business. Our client partners stay with us for years. They have no reason to leave as long as we perform at the level of service that we promise.

With that in mind you can see that we only select carriers that provide excellent service. To do otherwise would not make sense. When we work together we want our partnership to be longterm. To that end we will select carriers based on service quality levels as well as cost analysis. This way we find away to balance your needs and budget constraints.

The FTC  team will coordinate your shipments so that you receive the fullest advantage of hard dollar cost savings opportunities as well as efficiencies through mode conversions and lane analysis. Better control translates into better customer service and improved customer satisfaction.

When you choose to partner with FTC you receive a virtual logistics team that will maintain the quality of service you expect…and then some.