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Transportation Freight Analysis

FTC believes that its strategic plan is very effective at isolating potential areas to bring additional value as well as savings. In the end we know that no two businesses are the same and so our system will develop a customized solution tailor made for your requirements.

What can you expect from this process as we begin to work together?

– A transportation consultant will interview your staff to find out your current procedures. Copious notes are taken and questions are asked to discover the hidden avenues of savings that may be available to you.

  1. What parts of your supply chain are you currently pleased with?
  2. What problems and frustrations are you currently dealing with in your shipping and logistics system?
  3. What impact are these “bottle necks” having on the rest of your production?
  4. If these problems are not resolved what additional problems could this lead to?
  5. Quantify the “cost” of the current situation to your business in dollars.
  6. If you had the ability to create the perfect system what would you change from what you have now?

Your consultant will ask for you to have copies made of the following items for your discussion:

  1. Please have a list of all carriers you are working with along with your current negotiated rates
  2. What assessorial fees are you currently paying?
  3. Copies of all transportation invoices for the last 6 months. (Why so many? This way we can get a true picture of your freight volume.)
  4. Your consultant will be happy to sign any non disclosure forms necessary before taking this information with them.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for your detailed transportation analysis.

  1. This report that will be generated will show you in explicit detail where your potential areas of savings are.
  2. It will highlight what your original pricing structure is as well as what your new rates will be. Most importantly it will highlight your potential savings including any assessorial fees that can be waived.
  3. Please be assured that FTC only uses carriers of the highest quality and caliber, so that there will be no sacrificing of quality to generate these savings.
  4. Projected rate savings will be based on target studies of existing clients & benchmarks achieved. (New clients report that many times the savings generated during the bid process are actually higher than anticipated.)
  5. Please remember that while this analysis does cost us money to produce, there is no cost to you.

4- Your transportation consultant will call you to schedule a time to review this analysis.

  1. Your estimated savings will be explained to you as well as the reasons why we can justify such savings.
  2. All of your questions will be answered.
  3. It is up to you then as to what the next step will be in our relationship.

I like the potential savings that I see.

Where do we go from here?
The bidding process.

If you would like to contact us about setting up a free transportation analysis click here.