Fortune 500 Secret To Reducing Costs

“How To Increase Business Profit Margins, Increase Customer Loyalty, Reduce Unintentional Employee Inefficiencies, Improve Return On Assets, and Free Up Cash Flow By Borrowing A Secret Used By Fortune 500 Companies For Decades…”

Local U.S businesses and manufactures right here in the states are under tremendous threat of extinction due to manufacturing outsourcing overseas. How is it impacting you?

I know you are concerned about the effects of the upcoming recession on our economy and your business bottom line. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now. You are rightly concerned about the threats of overseas manufacturing and the impact on your businesses profitability, cash flow & market share.

How To Profit During The Lean Times

One way to do that is to take advantage of a resource that has been used by Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 Companies for almost 50 years. I am talking about teaming up with an Atlanta Logistics Company that specializes in finding “hidden” money in your shipping and transportation costs. As a result our clients have seen an overall average of 34% savings the first year by implementing some of the transportation strategies we have brought to the table. That is found money dropped right into your lap.

And don’t worry…these logistics recommendations will not interrupt your day to day operations. Instead, they will augment them & make available manpower and new capital that you were not expecting. Think about this for a moment…how would this impact your business?

What Would You Do With An Extra 34% Savings?

Our clients take their logistics savings and use it to grow their market share with marketing and advertising dollars. Others use it for research and development of new products and services. How would your company benefit from this?

Let an Atlanta 3PL like, TSG put our experience to work for you to help you increase revenue, improve efficiencies and effectiveness, cut non value expenses and grab new market share. You might be surprised what a Atlanta Logistics Company can bring to the table for you.

Contingency Based Strategic Sourcing

TSG offers one of the most unique business models in the industry. With TSG’s Contingency Based Strategic Sourcing Services, our clients pay us out of actual hard-dollar savings after they are obtained.

That’s right, there are no up front costs, no hidden-fees or extra charges for our efforts. We are confident that we can obtain real savings and are willing to assume the risk to do so.

Just to put your mind at ease, TSG works exclusively on our your behalf. We Will Never Accept kick backs, referral fees, agency fees or commissions from transportation suppliers. This ensures you that you eill be getting the best value for your money.

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