Bidding Process

What You Can Expect During The Bidding Process

Once your transportation analysis has been completed and reviewed with you, upon your approval we will send your freight out to bid.
We will request what carriers you would specifically care to have bid on your freight. We will also invite LTL carriers who specifically meet the requirements that we unearthed during your transportation analysis. Please be assured that only reputable carriers will receive an invitation.

The Bidding Process:

1-TSG will prepare your package and then send it off to the carriers we specified.

2- Please allow up three to four weeks for the carriers to respond and for all of the bids to come back in.

3- Our staff will then carefully review each bid to make sure the requirements like FAK’s and waived assessorial fees were honored.

4- Our bid specialists will then assemble all of the data quotes into a spreadsheet to assess the savings your business would recognize.

5- This spreadsheet is then turned into a easy to read document that your transportation consultant will prepare for you.

The bid review meeting

Your transportation consultant will set up a time to review the details of this bid with you in person. They will carefully explain each of the major carriers proposal with you so that you can see the benefits that each carrier brings to the table.

If you like what we see we can put this transportation management and savings plan into action.

If you like what you have heard so far please feel free to contact us.