3PL Solutions

3PL Outsourcing

The Transportation Specialist’s Group is an Atlanta Georgia 3pl (third party logistics provider) that works with any businesses and industry that regularly  uses trucking and LTL services.

How does it work? As a 3pl service we are currently managing the freight of about 400 businesses. How does that benefit you? Basically, it comes down to these two things:

  1. Experience
  2. Buying power
  3. Outsourcing


Just as you are a specialist in your field, TSG excels in finding ways to reduce shipping & transportation costs without sacrificing quality or performance.

Buying Power

Just as you might join a warehouse membership like Sams or Costco in order to benefit from the bulk buying power they can offer, so likewise there are many benefits to working with 3pls.

TSg has the ability to secure pricing, discounts and carrier commitments that a single company could not secure on their own.

This gives the small guy a chance to compete with larger companies.

It also gives large manufacturers a way to free up capital for research and development, marketing or expanding their market share.


You do not want to be in the shipping business, do you?

Instead you want to concentrate on your strengths, YOUR business, your industry.

Leave the mundane, day to day transportation management aspects to us and go grow your business.

We will watch it like our own, because in reality it is our own. Remember, as an Atlanta 3pl provider we do not get paid unless you receive value first.