Maintain Quality Service

Will Service Quality Suffer When Changing Carriers? Good question. Our partnership business model is built on two things: 1- We are compensated only on a performance basis. In other words, it doesn’t cost you a dime unless you receive value and savings for that month. 2- Repeat business. Our client partners stay with us for … Continue reading Maintain Quality Service

Reduce Freight Costs

Cutting Freight Costs Without Sacrificing Quality Or Service First things first. FTC does not promise CHEAP freight. We all know that there is definitely a cost associated with shopping for the CHEAPEST price. Sure you may save a few dollars on the front end, but what good is that if you lose a customer because of … Continue reading Reduce Freight Costs

Freight Forwarding

International Freight Forwarding Services Looking for freight forwarders at hartsfield-jackson Atlanta airport? FTC has the expertise that is necessary to prepare and process the documentation as well as to perform the activities pertaining to international shipments. Whether you are shipping to or from china or Mexico FTC will make sure everything goes smoothly. Including: Air Freight forwarding … Continue reading Freight Forwarding

Regional Short Haul

Regional Short Haul Services in Atlanta Do you require just-in-time deliveries for parts and materials? More and more shippers are staging their products closer to the final point of distribution to accommodate their clients’ just-in-time needs. FTC recognizes this and accordingly has regional short haul drivers available to handle this cargo. How does this work? Planning, planning and planning. … Continue reading Regional Short Haul

Truck Load

Atlanta Truck Load Services FTC provides truck load services for Atlanta Georgia and the Entire South Eastern United States. FTC has built its reputation over the years by managing full truckloads of freight. As a non-asset-based provider of transportation and logistics services, we have contracts all of the carriers necessary to move your freight. We have built a loyal support team … Continue reading Truck Load

Truck Freight Broker

Trucking Freight Brokering Service What exactly is a freight broker?  It is basically a company that connects together a shipper that needs to move their goods with an carrier that wants to pick up and deliver it to its destination. So then a broker is basically a transportation coordinator for the movement of your shipments. FTC has the … Continue reading Truck Freight Broker

Special Handling

Special Handling Services in Atlanta FTC is prepared to handle all of your special need deliveries whether its odd-sized, unusual, fragile, service-intensive, and over sized freight that require extraordinary service and care. We have the handling equipment necessary to move and relocate your specialty freight. FTC is skilled at handling these complicated challenges, and we provide the level of service … Continue reading Special Handling