AMR Research’s Supply Chain Top 25

What do Apple, Dell, Procter & Gamble, IBM and Cisco have in common? They have been recognized as the top 5 companies within this year’s edition of AMR Research’s Supply Chain Top 25 report. Why is it so imperative to be concerned about coordinating supply chain management with marketing and engineering departments? This recession is … Continue reading AMR Research’s Supply Chain Top 25

Fortune 500 Secret To Reducing Costs

“How To Increase Business Profit Margins, Increase Customer Loyalty, Reduce Unintentional Employee Inefficiencies, Improve Return On Assets, and Free Up Cash Flow By Borrowing A Secret Used By Fortune 500 Companies For Decades…” Local U.S businesses and manufactures right here in the states are under tremendous threat of extinction due to manufacturing outsourcing overseas. How is … Continue reading Fortune 500 Secret To Reducing Costs

Tool Manufacturer: Case Study

Lawrenceville Georgia Manufacturing & Distribution Center Receives 38% Savings & Gets Better Carriers Than Before When we first approached this company they had excellent discounts in place with their LTL carriers, however they were open to ways to find savings. Since they practiced the six sigma philosophy of finding the most efficient way to do … Continue reading Tool Manufacturer: Case Study

Free Analysis

Transportation Freight Analysis FTC believes that its strategic plan is very effective at isolating potential areas to bring additional value as well as savings. In the end we know that no two businesses are the same and so our system will develop a customized solution tailor made for your requirements. What can you expect from this … Continue reading Free Analysis

Transportation Management Center

The FTC Transportation Management Center is located in Lawrenceville Georgia. FTC’s model is simple. We reclassify & renegotiate your freight. You then simply pay us a fixed percentage of the savings difference between your old rates and your new rates. Ther are no kick backs between us and the carriers. There are also no secrets or … Continue reading Transportation Management Center

Soft Dollar Savings

Soft Dollar Savings Generated Logistics services often provide soft dollar savings that are often taken for granted. Allow me to explain: 1- A third party logistics provider becomes a virtual extension of your transportation department. This can occur in several ways depending on how you choose to work with FTC. a- We can support your … Continue reading Soft Dollar Savings

Hard Dollar Savings

Real Hard Dollar Savings Thru Logistics Management One of the biggest advantages of partnering with a logistics company like FTC  is the immediate savings that you will receive. Due to our experience, relationship with the carriers and reputation in the transportation industry we can secure very respectable reductions in your monthly shipping costs. In fact, … Continue reading Hard Dollar Savings