FTC Logistics Atlanta

“Save An Average of 34% on Shipping and Freight By Working With An Atlanta 3PL Logistics Company”

  • Stop overpaying for your freight by working with a Georgia freight broker
  • Stop paying For High Fuel Surcharges
  • Stop Paying those ancillary shipping fees & charges
  • Stop taking your shipping advice from a commissioned sales person

How To Do This With No Risk and Zero Up Front Costs To You

FTC is an Atlanta Logistics Company that specializes in finding “hidden” money in your shipping and transportation costs. Our average client enjoys a 34% average savings over their “old” pricing structure their very first year working us.

What would you do with the 34% savings you realize?

Contingency Based Strategic Out Sourcing

FTC offers a 100% Contingency Based service that you pay us out of the actual hard-dollar savings after we implement them for you.

That protects you … because there are no up front costs, no hidden fees or extra charges for the work that we do. Why do we do it this way? We are so confident that we can obtain you the savings that we are willing to assume all the risk doing so.

Unlike other logistics companies and freight brokers, FTC works exclusively on our your behalf. We Will Never Accept kick backs, referral fees, agency fees or commissions from transportation suppliers. This ensures you that you will be getting the best value for your money.

Learn More

  • I would like to see case studies of how much money your transportation clients are saving on shipping and transportation costs.
  • I would like to know what to look for when choosing an Atlanta 3pl or Georgia freight broker to work with
  • I would like to contact you to schedule a free no obligation transportation analysis for my business.

FTC is based in Atlanta Georgia ( Ga ) and provides logistics services through out the United States.